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Sales in Agile (SWAY)

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WHAT is this training all about?

Sales teams of the past and present tell us different stories. Customers, their values, and the customer journey have all undergone tremendous shifts. Today’s consumer market is represented by individualized consumers who prefer unique methods of purchasing. Thus, sales teams now are conceptually different. Traditional schemes of “pushing” the product via telemarketing or direct mail are irrelevant. With the invention of cutting-edge technologies and overall digitalization, successful sales are impossible without integrating the CRM system on a much more personal level. In fact, customers are more and more reluctant to communicate over the phone while favoring making purchases via social media channels. That is why businesses that picked up on the trend and managed to adapt their customer relations accordingly were bound to succeed. Indeed, companies that utilize Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram and similar tools for communication, promotion and sales have already taken the lion’s share of the market; whereas large, inert companies that are slow to change are experiencing a continuous decline in the sales rate.

Another aspect that differentiates the modern business is leadership structures. Today, it is not “the boss” or “the chairperson,” but the true charismatic and creative leader who inspires and guides the team. The team, in turn, now is not just a “group of people” but a cross-functional organism brought together by one goal. The goal is defined not only by quantitative factors but also by the qualitative ones. Before, the sales industry was governed by the laws of the jungle; where sales managers were armed with personal project portfolios and clientele, akin to lonely wolves. Now, to experience true success one needs a team. It is the team that creates new ideas and values, establishes communication and interacts with clients.

To refuse to adapt to these changes is to risk the collapse of your company. That is why you need SWAY – a universal methodology that will assist your company to go through the adaptation process. Standing for “flexible”, “quick”, and “nimble,” Agile can make your sales flexible, quick, and nimble as well.

SWAY is based on the following principles:
  • Continuous self-development
  • Discipline and target orientation
  • Love for people/customers
During this training, we will cover:
  • Key SWAY tools and techniques.
  • Understand how SWAY intersects with traditional Agile.
  • Adopting methods of flexible business technologies (tested in actual business environments) to increase sales leading to high employee engagement and optimum customer satisfaction.
  • Discover (Here and Now) practices.
  • We ensure that there is an individual approach to each programme participant augumented through interaction and support in a closed group.
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Business agility: understanding agile business – overview and introduction
  • Introduction. Business agile values and principles
  • Key reasons for adopting agile. Agile Manifesto. Values and Principles. Why is the Business world interested in agile? Business Agility Definition
  • The differences between the traditional business model and the business agility model
  • Agile outside IT: needs, reasons and adaptation difficulties

SWAY-system: Sales with agile, Part 1

  • SWAY: the foundation – principles and rules
  • Roles in SWAY: Business owner, SWAY coach, SWAY team
  • Crucial factors and tools for distributed teams
  • Analysis of the team’s ability for business agility transformation: Spiral Dynamics
  • What stage of Spiral Dynamics is agile possible at? What stage of Spiral Dynamics is your team at?

SWAY-system: Sales with agile, Part 2

  • Events
  • Planning
  • Demo
  • Retrospective
  • SWAY Artefacts: Quarterly plan of 3-month goals, a list of sprint goals, list of improvements
  • Agile-space. How to prepare an agile space for a new team
    SWAY in practice: SWAY cases in business (marketing, sales, etc)
Practical details

2-day training


  • Full price : 1695 euro
  • Early bird: 1495 euro (till 1st June 2020)
  • Prices excl. VAT, incl. snacks, lunch & coffee, training materials
  • You can pay with ‘KMO Portefeuille’ if you meet the requirements.

Language: English


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SWAY-system: Sales with agile, Part 3

  • SWAY Canvas: value-based approach to sales management
  • Traditional and agile sales: key differences
  • SWAY as an interdisciplinary system
  • SWAY adaptation to different types of sales (B2C, B2B) FMCG, push-pull sales, sales of service and franchises, online sales, special event sales, complex and longer sales. Agile sales funnel

SWAY-system: Sales with agile, Part 4

  • Types of motivation in agile sales: OKR development for agile sales
  • Case-study analysis. Mistakes and difficulties
  • Positive and negative stress
  • Change management. The change curve and steps supporting success of the team
  • The formula for change
This course is for …

Agile Coaches, Business Owners & Sales Teams


After this training you will receive the SWAY Practitioner Certificate by the University of Business Agility

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Marina Alex

Marina Alex

Meet the trainer

As an entrepreneur, management consultant, and agile coach, Marina pioneered the practice of Agile Sales and specializes in building sustainable and robust agile organizations. She is an accomplished sales executive and, over time, has learned what it means to be a true servant leader to sales teams. Under her guidance, her teams regularly outperform all other teams, exceed their sales targets, and enjoy coming to work.

Over the last 6 years, Marina has developed an innovative sales technique based on business agility principles and practices. She has successfully implemented this in 4 major organizations across Russia (in the banking, insurance, healthcare, and hospitality industries). The most recent of these increased their sales performance from 43% to over 120% of target.

Marina’s extensive sales background gives her a unique understanding of how business works – allowing her to uniquely solve complex cultural and business problems. During this time, she has launched more than 170 agile teams and coached more than 50 top-executives.

Marina is the author of SWAY (Sales with Agile) which helps many sales teams across the world today.


Prices excl. VAT, incl. snacks, lunch & coffee, training materials
You can pay with ‘KMO Portefeuille’ if you meet the requirements.


Early bird

till 1st June 2020


Full price


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