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Professional Scrum Master I

27 & 28 April 2020, Online

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WHAT is this training all about?

Professional Scrum Master is THE cutting-edge course for effective Scrum Masters and anyone supporting a software development team’s efficiency and effectiveness.

The Professional Scrum Master class introduces the principles and (empirical) process theory underpinning the Scrum framework. These are foundational insights upon which the rules and roles of Scrum are explored and discussed.

The focus on the Scrum Master role includes advanced thinking tools for servant-leadership and behavioral shifts, working with people and teams, coaching and facilitation, and scaling Scrum.

Throughout the course, students are challenged to think in terms of the Scrum principles to better understand what to do when returning to the workplace.

The Professional Scrum Master class is much more than just a set of slides and an instructor. In this course, students work on real-life cases with other classmates together as a team. This course is made up of discussions and hands-on exercises based upon real-life cases.

Example topics covered during the training
  • Scrum theory and principles
  • The Scrum framework: roles, rules and artefacts
  • Product Delivery with Scrum
  • Working with people and teams
  • The role of the Scrum Master

Students are challenged to think in terms of Scrum and the Scrum principles to better understand what to do when they return to their workplaces.

  • Students will have a clear understanding of the mechanics of Scrum and their coherence from the empirical foundation of Scrum.
  • Students can act as a Scrum Master for Scrum Teams and stakeholders from an in-depth understanding of servant-leadership.
  • Students can effectively start up Scrum or increase its effectiveness if already underway.
This course is for …

The training may be interesting to all involved in software development using the Scrum framework, but has been specifically conceived for those responsible within an organization for running or introducing Scrum.

The class targets the people within an organization accountable for getting the most out of Scrum, including Scrum Masters, managers, and Scrum Team members.

Assessment and Certification

All participants completing the Professional Scrum Master course receive a password to take the PSM I assessment and are entitled to a discount on the PSM II assessment.

Practical details

2-day training


  • Full price : 1495 euro
  • Early bird: 1195 euro (till 1st April 2020)
  • Prices excl. VAT, you can pay with ‘KMO Portefeuille’ if you meet the requirements.

Price includes:

  • Snacks, lunch and coffee
  • Two attempts on the Professional Scrum Master I assessment (PSM I).
  • A 100$ discount on the Professional Scrum Master II assessment (PSM II).
  • All the official materials
  • A copy of “Scrum – A Pocket Guide,” the acclaimed book by the trainer, Gunther Verheyen.

Language: English

Online training

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Gunther Verheyen

Gunther Verheyen

Meet the trainer

Gunther Verheyen is a longtime Scrum practitioner (2003). After a standing career as a consultant, he became partner to Ken Schwaber, co-creator of Scrum, as Director of the Professional Scrum series at (2013-2016). Gunther nowadays engages with people and organizations as an independent Scrum Caretaker.

Gunther ventured into IT and software development after graduating in 1992. His Agile journey started with eXtreme Programming and Scrum in 2003. Years of dedication followed, years of employing Scrum in diverse circumstances. As from 2010 Gunther became the inspiring force behind some large-scale enterprise transformations. In 2011 he became a Professional Scrum Trainer.

Gunther left consulting in 2013 to found Ullizee-Inc and partner exclusively with Ken Schwaber, Scrum co-creator. He represented Ken and his organization in Europe, shepherded the ‘Professional Scrum’ series and guided’s global network of Professional Scrum Trainers. Gunther is co-creator of Agility Path, EBMgt(tm) (Evidence-Based Management) and the Nexus framework for Scaled Professional Scrum.

Since 2016 Gunther continues his journey as an independent Scrum Caretaker; a connector, writer, speaker, humanizer. His services build on 16+ years of experience, ideas, beliefs and observations of Scrum.

Gunther created the acclaimed book “Scrum – A Pocket Guide” in 2013. A 2nd edition was published in 2019. Ken Schwaber recommends his book as ‘the   best description of Scrum currently available’. Several translations of this work are available. In 2020 Gunther published the book “97 Things every Scrum practitioner should know”, holding essays from field experts across the world.

When not travelling for Scrum, Gunther lives and works in Antwerp (Belgium).