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DevOps & Digital
Transformation simulation

Unique: Experience a 2-year digital transformation in 1-day!

17 March 2020, Antwerp

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WHAT is this training all about?

Going through or leading a Digital transformation, bringing Agile into your organization, developing Devops structures – they are major changes in your company’s culture and structure. We offer you the opportunity to experience this change in a safe place, and in an intense and impactful way!

In this one-day immersion training we provide the challenge of experiencing a 2-year digital transformation in 1 day. We immerse you in a virtual business environment to inspire change and experience what it takes to drive business success in a complex environment. Cultural impact, functional impact, people impact – it is all there in a pressure cooker format.

The role-based workshop uses game dynamics, making it fun and delivering high impact at the same time. You will experience the impact of new ways of working on every aspect and layer of your organization. You will learn the need for Cultural change and how you can drive this process together with your team. As a leader, this is the perfect preview opportunity to discover and experience approaches on how to spark your people to embark on this journey together.

G2G3 business simulations have a proven track record with over 1 million simulations already experienced globally. The knowledge and skills of two highly experienced trainers combined with the powerful in-room simulations from G2G3 guarantee breakthrough understanding around complex scenarios, business changes, tools and operating models. You will go home inspired and ready to take on the challenges in your organization!

Experience a 2-year digital transformation in 1-day!

The secret to successful digital transformation is People.
Getting your people to understand the changes being made, see why they’re needed and recognise how they impact on their own role and the business as a whole is critical for success. But how?

From challenge to solution in 1 day.
We believe the best way to drive cultural change by enabling your teams to test run it for themselves…

The simulations are role-based workshops that use game dynamics to empower teams to work together, to experience the transformational impact of new ways of working, find solutions for themselves, and collectively learn from the results.

Fast-track your training

  • Bring Agile & DevOps theory to life
  • Embed the lessons learned

Move from chaos to order

  • Help people understand and action your vision for change
  • Drive cultural change and get the right conversations started
  • Help align Support functions to your business objectives

Participants are divided into different teams where they run the business, develop and release new products, map the value delivered to customers, and test the results. The advanced software tracks the business’s performance in real time, recording the in-room choices and actions to provide valuable metrics that enable them to discuss and evaluate their work.

You will experience chaos, a lack of visibility and slow response times. You will see the need for change and be encouraged to find ways to enhance the system. Then we do it all again.

Practical details

1-day training

Full price : 900 euro
Early bird: 750 euro (till 17th February 2020)

Prices excl. VAT, incl. snacks, lunch & coffee, training materials
You can pay with ‘KMO Portefeuille’ if you meet the requirements.

Language: English

Entrepotkaai 9
2000 Antwerpen

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WHAT will you learn?

  • How to bring Agile / DevOps / Digital Transformation to life
  • How to align all functions to your business objectives and goals
  • The impact of Cultural change on people in general and yourself in particular
  • How to drive Change from a people perspective
  • How to overcome obstacles of organizational silos
  • The importance of empathy and a collaboration-driven organizational culture
  • The value of continuous improved delivery with increased dynamics in demand
  • How to focus on value, how to eliminate waste and practice value stream mapping of product and services

This course is for …

  • Executives and Leaders in any domain that have a need to drive change; Middle and Senior Management who want to drive or are part of an upcoming or ongoing change;
  • Agile coaches; Digital transformation coaches and consultants;
  • HR Managers; Development Managers; Test Managers; Integration Managers; Operations Managers; Product Owners; Scrum Masters   
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What are previous participants saying?

“I became emotionally impacted just by the experience of being in that room and watching the impact on other people and my colleagues. I’ve had incredibly positive feedback from people right across the organisation – there’s something in here for everybody, literally.”

Patrick Eltridge, CIO, Royal Bank of Scotland

Meet your trainers

Bala Asirvatham

Bala Asirvatham

Bala comes with extensive international experience in High-Tech and other industries as Global HR Director, European Regional HR Director, Global and Asia Talent Manager. He helped organisations such as Philips, NXP Semiconductors, Ericsson Technologies, Nokia in attracting and building Leadership and high-tech talent, HR Excellence and M&A. He is a strategic advisor to senior HR leaders, R&D and Technology leaders. He consults companies in the areas of Future of Work by adopting Digital HR technologies, Organisation and Culture Transformation, Executive Search and Senior Talent recruitment. Bala is a certified facilitator in Agile DevOps Digital Business simulations, ICAgile Certified Agile People Trainer and co-author of the Agile People Manifesto. He lives in The Netherlands.

Wouter Bak

Wouter Bak

Wouter has held various end-responsible international HR roles at VP level. As member of business and technology management teams he was part of High-Tech and Global Corporations such as LG-Philips, Philips, NXP Semiconductors and ROCKWOOL Group. As an independent consultant he helped various organisations like APMM-Maersk and ABN-AMRO in their global HR transformation. Wouter uses his deep HR expertise in combination with his industrial engineering background and built a track record of streamlining global HR processes the areas of Leadership, Talent Acquisition, HR Digital Transformation, including implementing HRIS systems like SAP Success Factors and Workday. Wouter is a certified facilitator in Agile DevOps Digital Business simulations, ICAgile Certified Agile People Trainer and co-author of the Agile People Manifesto. He lives in The Netherlands.


Prices excl. VAT, incl. snacks, lunch & coffee, training materials
You can pay with ‘KMO Portefeuille’ if you meet the requirements.


Early bird

till 17th February 2020


Full price

Entrepotkaai 9
2000 Antwerpen

Cancellation policy

You can transfer your booking free of charge to a colleague. Please let us now in advance.

We reserve the right to postpone or cancel this training if there are insufficient registrations. In this case, you will be offered an alternative date or a full refund. We will not be responsible for any other costs incurred.


Join this unique DevOps & Digital Transformation simulation