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Develop yourself in Agile HR

ICAgile Certified Professional – Agile Talent (ICP-TAL)

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27 & 28 January 2020, Antwerp

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WHAT is this training all about?

How do performance management, recruitment, learning and development change, and what about compensation and benefits and the way we perform employee engagement surveys? What are the specific skills that we need, to run an agile transformation from a people’s perspective? And is there still a need to do succession planning in the future?

The training places great emphasis on practical examples and we will present a series of tools that you will be able to use when getting started on your own agile HR initiative. We take you through an agile HR case from setting goals and developing user stories for HR to implementing sprint planning and monitoring the sprint using Kanban.

This training results in a certification in Agile Talent (ICP-TAL) by ICAgile. To certify you have to do an exercise in which you describe an Agile transition roadmap, based on the provided models. You can do this for your own organization (can be a virtual assignment, with assumptions) or  you can use our standard business case.

During the training we cover
  • Introduction to the agile approach and how it is related to Lean and systems thinking. Why work with agility?
  • What characterizes the agile mindset and how to change the traditional HR processes when we are working with agile values?
  • How should HR adapt work to create maximum value in an agile organization? How should recruitment, performance evaluations and salary discussions look like?
  • What concrete examples are there? How have others done? What works?
  • How can you use agile techniques like Scrum and Kanban for HR?
Learning outcomes
  • How HR can support an agile organizational transformation
  • Goal setting and performance management in a new way
  • Salaries and benefits for an agile organization
  • Job Roles – are they needed in the future?
  • Employee engagement in an agile manner
  • Talent acquisition and the candidate experience
  • Agile learning
  • Onboarding practices for agile companies
  • Why the agile mindset is HRs responsibility
  • The needed changes in the HR core function
  • Practical tools, templates and exercises for HR and managers

Detailed learning outcomes can be downloaded here.

This course is for …

Agile coaches, consultants, HR managers, HR Business Partners, HR professionals, line managers, operational & business managers and consulting managers in both the private and public sectors.​

Practical details

2-day training

The training will be given in Dutch and/or English (depending of the audience)

This training is organised by Beyond Borders & Sugar Me

Beyond Borders
Sint Hubertusstraat 93
2600 Antwerpen, Belgium

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Develop yourself in Agile HR

What are previous participants saying?

We have previously trained participants from SKF, SE-banken, Marginalen Bank, Nordea, Volvo, TetraPak, Tele2, IFS, If, Svevia, Helsingborg, Uppsala, Manpower, Evry, TV4, Vitrolife, Rebtel, magine, Toca Boca, Dynabyte, Södertörn University, DEK Technologies, Vasakronan, IKEA, Blue Garden, Nordic Morning, Findwise and many other companies and organizations.

Evaluation of the last completed training ended up on average 4.83 on a 5-point scale.

Meet your trainers

Michaela Broeckx

Michaela Broeckx

Michaela is a mom, a sister, a daughter, a wife… and she’s also a spirited Agile/Lean coach and Scrum Master and Agile trainer, gifted with a natural flair for interpersonal and intercultural communication, and with an extensive track record in a great variety of industries in Europe, India, the Middle East and the Gulf.
The certificates she gathered reflect her broad Agile interests: ICP-ACC, ICP-ENT, ICP-TAL, CSM, PSPO, LeanIT, SAFe4Agilist, as well as an ICAgile authorisation for giving the certified ICP-TAL training.

Michaela has gained her expertise with projects in learning & development, telecom, utilities (water, electricity, gas) geography, public health, software and HR services – and she has worked from places as far apart as Hammerfest, beyond the Northern Arctic Circle, and Muscat, Gateway of the Arabic Gulf.

Michaela has a zest for enthusiastic Agile|Scrum transformation tracks, HR Project management & Organisational change programs, outstanding L&D trajectories, solid cooperative learning facilitation and result & performance driven leadership with a smile.

Steve Conard

Steve Conard

Steve Conard is founder of Sugar Me, author of the Agile People Manifesto, Project management coach, consultant and trainer. His aim is to improve projects and organizations by bringing people together and giving them the knowledge and skills to collaborate. He believes in the values of the Agile Manifesto and has helped organizations and teams evolve towards an Agile way of working, supported by frameworks like Kanban or Scrum. 

More than anything else, Steve is driven by connecting and inspiring people. With his broad experience in different roles and industries, he understands what people need and he knows how to find the right people at the right time. 

In his journey of continuous learning, Steve is certified in Prince2 (Practitioner), PMI, Agile Talent (ICP-TAL), Scrum Master, Prosci Change Management.