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Scrum master

A day in the life of… the Sugar Me Scrum master

Upon arriving at your client’s office in the morning, you start with a daily standup. You make sure your team is comfortable and can share their ups and downs openly.

You never really know beforehand what your day will look like because if your team needs you to remove blockers, that instantly becomes your priority. You might also prepare a retrospective, sync with other Scrum masters on how to further improve the processes or have a meeting with the product owner to discuss the next steps. Anyway, you make sure everyone gets to do a good job and the team can continue to improve.

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Who are you?

  • You are the one that makes our clients happy every day: you make their Scrum team(s) run smoothly through your expertise and coaching experience. You let both the team(s) and your client grow in the process of Scrum principles.
  • You know better than anyone that only good teams create good results. You shift effortlessly between listening, facilitating and leading. You create a safe environment where everyone can reach their full potential.
  • You breathe Scrum but if that doesn’t appear to work, you have a whole load of other tools and techniques you can use.

Working as a Scrum master at Sugar Me is fun because:

  • Each day is an opportunity to make people happy, both your client and the team.
  • You help people grow in their role, whether they are an analyst, developer, tester or product owner.
  • You make sure the people on your Scrum team can work carefree.
  • You don’t have to go hungry, neither should you eat the same boring thing every day: we provide a rich and sweet palate of different industries and domains like IT and HR.
  • Ideas to expand and improve Sugar Me are always welcome, whether you’ve been with us for one day or one year.

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We’re sorry, but we don’t have this:

  • We still need to order your office chair in our own office space. Luckily, there are enough coworking spaces where we can meet to work on the growth of Sugar Me.
  • We don’t have an extensive manual of the work you’re about to do. But we do regularly make time to connect on what to do, how to do it and how to improve it.
  • We try to arrange clients that provide good coffee, but we can’t give you any guarantees on that.

What can you expect of us?

  • You’re getting paid, obviously. You’ll even get some meal vouchers.
  • We know all Sugar Me team members are hungry for new knowledge and skills, so we’re happy to satisfy that sweet craving.
  • At least 100 horses will make sure you get to your clients every day in a smooth way.
  • We love exciting holiday stories – just promise you’ll return to share them 😉
  • We assume you have superpowers and don’t get sick, but we’re prepared for anything so you can’t lack a good hospitalization insurance.
  • Because you simply can’t survive without WhatsApp and email, we’ll get you a mobile subscription and a laptop.
  • You’ll get a business card saying you’re a Scrum master. Until that no longer fits your job, then we’ll get you a new one.
  • And everything else? We’ll discuss it over a good cup of coffee. Do you take it with sugar?