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Agile Project manager

A day in the life of… the Sugar Me project manager.

You’re all about the lists. But also about the talks. And the flexibility. You make our clients happy, even when you have a less happy message.

Upon arriving at your client’s office in the morning, you know exactly what to do. An update of the project plan, a status meeting with your team, a steering committee, … Or maybe it will turn out to be a totally different day: something unexpected turns up and you happily change your calendar to still meet the project’s result. In the meantime, you quickly check your skillset: which agile techniques – or maybe classical project management skills – will you use today?

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Who are you?

  • You know better than anyone that only good teams create good results. You shift effortlessly between listening, facilitating and leading. You build a safe environment where everyone can reach their full potential.
  • You know how to lead your project in the right direction, every day again. You are an expert in project management techniques, and also a huge fan of the agile mindset.
  • Your people skills are off the charts and that’s exactly why you include everyone on the project in your story.

Working as a project manager at Sugar Me is fun because:

  • You master a lot of professions at the same time:
    • You’re a (project) boss, but you’re not bossy.
    • You are a cord dancer who knows how to reach the other side on both a limp and a tightrope.
    • You’re a magician with numbers, even though you know magic isn’t real.
    • You’re an architect that builds pretty houses that are still affordable.
  • You end every day with at least one check on your to-do list.
  • You can experience different industries and domains with us
  • Ideas to expand and improve Sugar Me are always welcome, whether you’ve been with us for one day or one year.

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We’re sorry, but we don’t have this:

  • We still need to order your office chair in our own office space. Luckily, there are enough coworking spaces where we can meet to work on the growth of Sugar Me.
  • We try to arrange clients that provide good coffee, but we can’t make guarantees on that.

What can you expect of us?

  • You’re getting paid, obviously. You’ll even get some meal vouchers.
  • We know all Sugar Me team members are hungry for new knowledge and skills, so we’re happy to satisfy that sweet hunger.
  • At least 100 horses will make sure you get to your clients every day in a smooth way.
  • We love exciting holiday stories – just promise you’ll return to share them 😉
  • We assume you have superpowers and don’t get sick, but we’re prepared for anything so you can’t lack a good hospitalization insurance.
  • Because you simply can’t survive without WhatsApp and email, we get you a mobile subscription and a laptop.
  • You’ll get a business card saying you’re a project manager. Until that no longer fits your job, then we’ll get you a new one.
  • If needed, we’ll give you plastic boots to stand in the mud.
  • And everything else? We’ll discuss it over a good cup of coffee. Do you take it with sugar?