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Who works at Sugar Me?

If you look for open-minded people
with a sweet tooth for organizational agility,
you will find us at Sugar Me

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Why work at Sugar Me?

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Being open, honest and transparent isn’t just a cornerstone of a healthy team, it is one of Sugar Me’s values as well. We share and help each other and our clients, always keeping an open mind for open solutions.

Listen, learn & help

We love to learn, gain insights, understand and master. We like to listen and help as well. To use all that new knowledge and come up with a better solution and more effective ways of organizing.


We are people, just like you, so we operate accordingly. We don’t prejudice, we communicate open and friendly and we act responsibly and respectfully. In our work, we aim to center teams and people as well.


We are a small company, but we’re in for a bit of adventure: we focus on positive impact, we like challenging projects and programs and we work with trainers from all over the world.

Working with Sugar Me

Our Vacancies

Agile Project Manager

You’re all about the lists. But also about the talks. And the flexibility. You make our clients happy, even when you have a less happy message(…)

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Scrum Master

Upon arriving at your client’s office in the morning, you start with a daily standup. You make sure your team is comfortable and can share their ups(…)

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Apply spontaneously

Is there a fit with Sugar Me but you couldn’t find a vacancy you like? Or are you a freelancer?

Don’t wait for another job to pop-up, apply spontaneously.
The worst thing that can happen, is a cup of coffee and a chat on agility, teams, and projects.

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Meet our team

Steve Conard

Steve Conard

Cathelijne De Vries

Cathelijne De Vries

Kris Wouters

Kris Wouters

Gunther Verheyen

Gunther Verheyen


Working with us as a trainer?

Sugar Me hosts high-end courses on project operations and business agility. Do you feel you can add to our training courses? Don’t hesitate, speak up!

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