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Coaching program,
take your organization to the next level

Support your teams and the people within, discover the fun in projects, build a foundation in quality project operations.


Sugar Me assists organizations and teams in taking their projects to the next level, aiding in structuring project operations and organizing Agile transformations.

The right advice, encouraging coaching and support for change are part of every process.

Our coaching approach

Your project organization running like a well-oiled machine, that is what we aim for with our coaching program. To achieve this goal, we use a structured approach that allows us to continuously evaluate, adjust and make decisions and to optimize value in every step of the process. Sugar Me supports and enables, but you remain in the driver’s seat.

Analysis & plan of action

A thorough screening of your project operations, aimed upon pinpointing the specific needs your organization deals with and prioritize them in one or more roadmaps.

Experimentation, testing & using

We keep pace and define the actions to pursue.To challenge and improve the way you handle your teams and projects, we implement experiments for your team to use and test.


After completion of this short cycle, the next iteration commences, handling the next priority in your plan of action.

Impact measurement

The impact of our actions is continuously measured and evaluated. Depending on the results an approach can be rejected, enforced or adjusted.

Coaching is the sugar your team needs?

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