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Training and coaching in Agile organizations and project management,
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DevOps & Digital Transformation simulation (G2G3)

Unique: Experience a 2-year digital transformation in 1-day!

Going through or leading a Digital transformation, bringing Agile into your organization, developing Devops structures – they are major changes in your company’s culture and structure. We offer you the opportunity to experience this change in a safe place, and in an intense and impactful way!

In this one-day immersion training we provide the challenge of experiencing a 2-year digital transformation in 1 day. We immerse you in a virtual business environment to inspire change and experience what it takes to drive business success in a complex environment. Cultural impact, functional impact, people impact – it is all there in a pressure cooker format.

The role-based workshop uses game dynamics, making it fun and delivering high impact at the same time. You will experience the impact of new ways of working on every aspect and layer of your organization. You will learn the need for Cultural change and how you can drive this process together with your team. As a leader, this is the perfect preview opportunity to discover and experience approaches on how to spark your people to embark on this journey together.

G2G3 business simulations have a proven track record with over 1 million simulations already experienced globally. The knowledge and skills of two highly experienced trainers combined with the powerful in-room simulations from G2G3 guarantee breakthrough understanding around complex scenarios, business changes, tools and operating models. You will go home inspired and ready to take on the challenges in your organization!

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Why work with Sugar Me?


Being open, honest and transparent isn’t just a cornerstone of a healthy team, it is one of Sugar Me’s values as well. We share and help each other and our clients, always keeping an open mind for open solutions.

Listen, learn & help

We love to learn, gain insights, understand and master. We like to listen and help as well. To use all that new knowledge and come up with a better solution and more effective ways of organizing.


We are people, just like you, so we operate accordingly. We don’t prejudice, we communicate open and friendly and we act responsibly and respectfully. In our work, we aim to center teams and people as well.


We are a small company, but we’re in for a bit of adventure: we focus on positive impact, we like challenging projects and programs and we work with trainers from all over the world.


Coach me!

Sugar Me assists organizations and teams in taking their projects to the next level,
aiding in structuring project operations and organizing Agile transformations.
The right advice, encouraging coaching and support for change are part of every process.
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Our Scrum masters, project managers,
Agile coaches and product owners stand ready
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