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Meetup: 24th March 2020, Brussels

The Agilibility Index

What we do
This Meetup (in English) is intended for everybody who is passionate about Agile and is interested in its relationship with culture and performance. Our guest Inanc Civaz is the managing partner of StratejiCo, a consultancy firm from Turkey founded in 1987. She has now taken on the director role at Haga Business and Agile Consultancy group which is located in The Hague.

By conducting research with her team on client cases, she discovered new relationships between organizational agility and cultural and behavioral change. This led to the Agilibility Model, which was featured in Bloomberg Business Week in Turkey in May 2019. Inanc will present her findings and discuss with us the ways to chart and map the cultural aspects of agile organizations and transformations. For more on the model, see:

Learning about the current and future culture
As a starting point to achieve sustainable behavioral change, we first need to get a good understanding of the context and behavioral patterns of an organization. To this end, Inanc developed a holistic, inclusive, measurable and scalable method for mapping current and future cultural change. The Agilibility Model she will present, offers an in-depth look at the current situation of companies and also shows in which areas they might develop.

How cultural change leads to performance
Fundamental to the potential for Agile within an organization according to the Agilibility Model, are Strategy, Structure and Culture. And the way in which these three pillars are connected to each other. After the Meetup, you will have an understanding of how Motivators (Purpose and values), Drivers (Targets, KPIs) and Enablers (Technical Infrastructure, Competencies) correlate with each other and affect how much organizations are ready to change.

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Being open, honest and transparent isn’t just a cornerstone of a healthy team, it is one of Sugar Me’s values as well. We share and help each other and our clients, always keeping an open mind for open solutions.

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We love to learn, gain insights, understand and master. We like to listen and help as well. To use all that new knowledge and come up with a better solution and more effective ways of organizing.


We are people, just like you, so we operate accordingly. We don’t prejudice, we communicate open and friendly and we act responsibly and respectfully. In our work, we aim to center teams and people as well.


We are a small company, but we’re in for a bit of adventure: we focus on positive impact, we like challenging projects and programs and we work with trainers from all over the world.


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